Pro Purchase

About the Eagle Creek Pro Program 

The Eagle Creek Pro Program is a membership program for qualified adventure travel professionals, outdoor industry partners, full time employees of authorized Eagle Creek retailers, and others in mission aligned, travel-related fields. Eagle Creek Pro members receive special pricing and, in return, are expected to represent and share the values of our company out into their networks.  

Membership is by application, is not guaranteed, and can be revoked at any time. We require that you upload proof of your qualifications, including valid guide licenses, membership cards, proof of employment, or similar. You must use the email address associated with the company or organization that qualifies you as Pro.  Pro program membership is valid for one year and requires annual recertification through a new application.  

Terms and details 

  • Pro orders must be made through your Pro membership account at and can only be processed with U.S. billing and shipping addresses or the US military mail system. 

  • You must make all purchases yourself; no one else can place orders for you or call Customer Service on your behalf. Your Pro account is for you alone and meant to outfit you for the work that you do. Please do not purchase gifts or buy gear for others with your Pro discount. 

  • If someone admires your Eagle Creek gear (clients, friends, or family), please refer them to or our retail partners.  It is expected that you will be discreet about your Eagle Creek Pro membership. We’d love for you to share your support of the Eagle Creek brand and products, but not the price you paid. 

  • Returns for Pro orders are not allowed. No exceptions. 

  • Returning products that were purchased through the Pro program at Eagle Creek authorized retailers is prohibited.  

  • Unless otherwise stated, Pro orders are not eligible for free shipping offers or additional discounts communicated on the site. 

  • The Pro discount may vary based on category, product, and availability. 

  • Pro members may spend up to $1000 at discounted pricing, per annual membership cycle.   

  • Pro membership is valid for one year from the date you applied. Membership must be renewed annually.